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August 12, 2018

LIT Casts House Team Players for 2018-19 Season

LIT has cast its house team players for the 2018-19 season, and is excited to welcome a host of new and returning faces: On Hot & Sweaty, David Stauffer, Bruno Falcon, Langdon Page, Joe Brack, Wesley Fox, Maria Mainelli, and Katie Kooser; on Cloaking Device, Allan Eakin, Camille Pozderac, Joshua Izaak, and Gifford J Wong; LIT's House Comics will be Laurent Amzallag, Ben Nemceff, Katie McKelvie, Doug Francken, Rashee Raj, Edward Francis Lee,Jennifer Amo, Hedi Sandberg, and Julian Humphrey; on The Employables, Adena Leibman, Bridget Gales, Adrian Vigil, Clyde Darren Thompson, Gabriella Marie, Dianna Mason, and Melanie Zehner; on Separate Beds, Dwight Robert Smith, Elliot Gaskins, Miguel Rosario, Sora Park, Jennifer Arezzo, Molly Ferns, Seth Hogle, Scott Zellner, and Morgan Elwell; and on Thermal Runaway, Anthony Noguiera, Daniel Calingaert, Jeff Patyk, Jennifer McLaughlin, Kim Righter, Risa Mainprize, Robert Falk, Dara Boxer, and Chris Andersen.

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