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When NANCY was 13, her teacher entered her into an improv competition.  She won 3rd place but was not happy. The teacher asked why, and NANCY said, "It was scary! I was the only girl! The boys were 15 and did impersonations of Eddie Murphy and Maury Povich!"  For a long time, she was terrified of improv.  In 2009, a friend made her take an improv class.  She no longer finds boys or improv scary.  Now boys find her scary.  She has performed with Hot & Sweaty since 2010.

She wants to empower others through the magic of comedy and laughter.

board of directors ami



AMI is a vet (as in veterinarian, not as in veteran war hero).  A lover of many things 1980's, AMI is a talented hula-hooper, high-fiver, and slap bracelet wearer and has both rollerskates (not blades) and a "skip-it" in her trunk in case of an entertainment emergency.  If you do not know what a "skip-it" is, you should 1) google it, and then 2) see a Hot & Sweaty show to make up for it.  AMI was a performer with Hot & Sweaty from 2011-15. 


She is now excited to serve on the Board.  She cares.  

H&S Melissa Sneaks.jpg



You may recognize MELISSA from her performance as "girl eating a hot dog" in a mid-eighties commercial for the Winn-Dixie chain of grocery stores, a gig for which she was paid approximately ten dollars. MELISSA works as a teacher because she loves teaching and also because she can no longer find anyone who will pay her to eat hot dogs. MELISSA was performer with Hot & Sweaty from 2011-15 and is a member of Hot & Sweaty Exes.


She serves as the Vice-President of the Board so that others can cultivate their creativity.

Board of directors Michael.jpg



MICHAEL loved to play women in improvised comedy scenes.  He’s not sure what that means.  MICHAEL, in short, is eccentric.  He’s not sure what that means either.  He just wanted a neat word in his bio.  MICHAEL loves being a goofball, a team player, and releasing his inner femininity, so it makes sense that he’s an improviser.  MICHAEL also sweats a lot.  So it makes even more sense that he’s a member of Hot & Sweaty Exes as he was a performer with Hot & Sweaty from 2011-16.

He currently seves on the Board because he's into community building.

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